Whats up with the PROGRAM??



  Relaxation Yoga Self Care Program (RYSCP)

 A Comprehensive Affordable Program designed to access Mental, Physical,Emotional and Energetic Health

These Welcoming Doable Enjoyable Classes incorporate Hatha Mindful Relaxation Yoga;Yin Yoga & Pilates and Functional  Strength Training.

Classes are Suitable for Beginners as  you are guided to Do Only What is Right for You!!  

The Skills and Practices you learn in RYSCP will support you in your Daily routine and Life!!                                   

The Habit of a Daily Practice is where the real magic happens!!



                  "I am not what happened to  me, I am what I chose to become" Carl J. Jung 

"If you are too serious about everything you will only know thoughts and emotions.You will not know Life.Sadhguru