"Doable" Relaxation Yoga Self Care Program A METHOD TO PRACTICE FEELING GOOD. What We Practise We Strengthen! "St John's- Mt Pearl-Brigus Junction, Newfoundland and Labrador



  a Comprehensive Affordable Program designed to access mental, physical, emotional and energetic health."                                     FALL 2016                                                              Relaxation Yoga Self Care Program                                               6:30 PM to 8 PM TUESDAYS                                                     Mary Queen of the World Parish Hall 791 Topsail Road                                September 13th - December 20th                                                                                                                         (no class  Dec 6th) 

 This program includes 10 min of Pilates (full body balanced strengthening); 50 min of Relaxation Yoga and 30 min of Yin Yoga where sitting and reclined postures are held longer to stimulate and  hydrate deeper connective tissues and joints. Yin is an opportunity to practice the awareness, breathing and relaxation skills learned in Relaxation Yoga!

    Relaxation Yoga  Self Care Program helps to balance and relax the nervous system and practitioners report an improved quality of sleep... 
                         Feel Great during the Day! Beat Insomnia at Night!   

         A goal of Relaxation Yoga Self Care Program is that Participants                      make this Practice a daily habit. 

     "Attaining the habit of a personal practice is where the real magic happens..."











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