St John's,Mt Pearl & Brigus Junction Newfoundland's "Doable" Relaxation Yoga Program is less about Standing on your Head and more about Standing on your own Two Feet. We "Practise" Feeling Good knowing "What we Practise we Strengthen!"



                     Mt Pearl - St Johns Area

          Fall 2015  Tuesday Evening Yoga Program 

                                The "Essential" Doable Relaxation Yoga Session

                                  630 PM to 8 PM TUESDAYS                                                    Mary Queen of the World Parish Hall 791 Topsail Road                                 October 27th to December 15th (no classes week of November 9-13)         

                    7 Week Session $105.00  OR  Pay Weekly (IF SPACE PERMITS) $20 @ WEEK                        

 This "doable" 90 minute Session combines the Awareness, Breathing and Focused movement of Meditative Hatha Relaxation Yoga; The Full body strengthening of Pilates  and the long holds of Yin Yoga that Hydrate, Lubricate, Increase Energy Flow through the body and Balance and Relax the Nervous System and Improve the Quality of your Sleep!!   

                       Feel Great during the Day! Beat Insomnia at Night!   

         A goal of Relaxation Yoga Program is that Participants begin to integrate Yoga into their daily routine at home. 

     "Attaining the habit of a personal practice is where the real magic happens..."










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