Relaxation Yoga


Somatic Movement practiced in RYSCP  is a Method of Neuromuscular Retraining developed by Thomas Hanna that helps retrain and reorganize the brain, nervous system and body. The slow gentle exercises release subconsciously held muscle tension and retrain habitual posture and movement patterns. 

Our bodies are designed to find homeostasis but then accidents, surgeries, pressures of life, fear anxiety and more, throw our systems -how we function neuromuscularaly and hormonally--out of whack.  We ultimately are looking for homeostasis, some place in which our systems function a state of calm/neutral, and to be able to return to that state quickly.  With somatic awareness we  can find that neutral state by paying attention to how we breathe, by sensing ourselves from an internal perspective and by doing gentle movements called pandiculations that reset muscle length to full length without stretching or strengthening.